Famous Movie Scene Brilliantly Re-Shot With LEGOs

Famous Movie Scene Brilliantly Re-Shot With LEGOs

Morgan Spence loves LEGOs. And to properly put that statement into perspective, take a look at his series of LEGO scenes that recreate famous movie moments. You have to be very committed to make this stuff because, clearly, it takes a lot of work!

In this lineup of brick-themed spoof material, you'll find homage being paid to everything from Titanic to Pulp Fiction, E.T, James Bond, and Wayne’s World. If this project seems a pretty involved, just be remember, Spence has been doing this since he was 17.

Don't be discouraged if you're just starting. This guy has been making stop-motion shorts for years now!

Spence's work has been highlighted on everywhere from Jimmy Kimmel Live to BBC Worldwide and ABC Television. Not bad for a guy who started out playing with LEGOs in his bedroom, right?

Find more of his work here.

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Via Ufunk

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