These Remarkable Drag Make-Overs Are Simply Fabulous

These Remarkable Drag Make-Overs Are Simply Fabulous  image

These Remarkable Drag Make-Overs Are Simply Fabulous

The aptly titled #Dragformation is a vibrant and bold ongoing series of portraits by Australian photographer Aaron Walker.

He's taken it upon himself to document and capture some of the most diverse and interesting characters from Australia's drag community.

The vast majority of his subjects are unrecognizable next to their larger than life alter-egos. The everyday transformed into the spectacular.

"It's the transformation process that is interesting to me, rather than the final look. It's the amount of time and the attention to detail, from walking off the street and into the dressing room, to walking on stage. That's a three-hour period of hair and makeup." he tells Broadly.

You can see all of Walker's wonderful portraits taken thus far for the project via his official site. As the series is ongoing so if you know someone who you think should be a part of it, please do get in touch!

Via Broadly

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