Strange And Beautiful Photos Of Old-School Tourism

Strange And Beautiful Photos Of Old-School Tourism image

Strange And Beautiful Photos Of Old-School Tourism

Award-winning photographer Martin Parr has a sharp eye for spotting absurd details in the everyday. And due to his roaming nature, Parr's work includes a series of travel snapshots that are utterly unique in their tone.

Famous for his documentary style photography, Parr has carved a niche for himself that resides somewhere between reality and the surreal. But for Parr, it's all about how he chooses to view the world.

"I often think of what I photograph as a soap opera where I am waiting for the right cast to fall into place," he says.

"I feel I am part of a long tradition in the UK in employing irony as part of my work. Although I deal with serious subjects these can be made more accessible with this element thrown in. Also that same vulnerability that comics often deal with is very similar to the vulnerability and ambiguities, I want to illustrate."

Looking to push yourself into new territory with photography? Parr has advice:

"Good photography can emerge when you make a good connection to a subject," he says.

"So part of the skill is to find the right subject and to then get involved in a very thorough and meaningful way with this, and the excitement of this discovery and process can be the starting point for a good project."

Find more of his work here.

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