These Deadly Skulls And Powerful Guns Will Surprise You

These Deadly Skulls And Powerful Guns Will Surprise You image

These Deadly Skulls And Powerful Guns Will Surprise You

Hailing from Modesto in Northern California, American oil painter Chad Pierce has been a full time artist for over 10 years now. His rich and complex works range from translucent toy guns and shimmering crystals, through to macabre skulls that leer at you from deep within the canvas.

His Instagram profile is a sneak preview into his creative process and daily routine. There you'll find time lapse videos, works-in-progress and countless examples of the work in its final form.

In among his creations, Pierce also shares photos of his family and studio - a place where he spends the majority of his day working on up to 5 unique pieces throughout the day.

I really enjoy the freedom and creativity of being a painter it has been an exciting experience.

Below is a small sample of his impressive technique, including an awesome tribute to R2-D2. Make sure you follow him via @chadpierce or visit his online store where you buy originals of his work and help support his unquestionable talent.

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Via Chad Pierce

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