Surrealist Artworks That Will Leave You Feeling Stunned

Surrealist Artworks That Will Leave You Feeling Stunned  image

Surrealist Artworks That Will Leave You Feeling Stunned

Against the background of surrealist artworks, the iconic figure of Salvador Dali forever looms large. But whilst famous works Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War) or The Persistence Of Memory continue to be revered and celebrated - he wasn't the only individual to master the art form.

Lesser known, but no less talented was Istvan Sandorfi a Hungarian surrealist painter who died in 2007 at the age of 59.

He's best known for his large-scale self-portraits which are both combative and dreamlike in composition and feeling. Visceral and self-taught in work as in life, Sandorfi had a deep distrust of 'things learned'.

He preferred to paint at night, but each day went to bed later than the day before, thus living in a perpetual time lag, which sidelined him from any social life.

Sandorfi reconciled this isolation with his family circle (he is the father of two girls, Ange and Eve) and his emotional life, thereby maintaining a delicate and studied balance between his life and his work.

I never had the impression that I really knew how to paint.

Below are just a few remarkable examples of his unique talent and unquestionable gift. Whilst these works remain largely unknown to the general public, we hope you can appreciate and admire them here.

You can discover more about his jaw-dropping work and further details on his rather mysterious life in this beautiful 350-page book.

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