Colorful Artworks That Will Make Your Head Spin

Colorful Artworks That Will Make Your Head Spin image

Colorful Artworks That Will Make Your Head Spin

Inspired by the world of kitsch art, schlock artists and B-grade imagery Zeke's Lunchbox (a pseudonym for the work of visual artist Julia Rich) is a creative melting pot full of random ideas and unusual artworks designed to confuse and expand your mind.

A glittering assemblage of excess, overwhelming yet carefully balanced in composition, content and colour.

"Each piece has so much of me in it. There's no piece that I've put out that's half assed, it's all got all of me in it. A lot of my work is about discovering worlds and terraforming. When you're adding the details you want to know every pore of that person, like the plants that they live in, the atmosphere that they breath." she explains

Along with her original paintings, Rich also produces all manner of weird and wonderful stickers, accessories, prints and patches. Everything you need in fact to turn heads and make eyeballs swirl.

You can see more of her colourful and odd creations through her official site right here.

Via Zeke's Lunchbox

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