How Do You Feel About These Controversial "Walking Dead" Photos?

How Do You Feel About These Controversial "Walking Dead" Photos? image

How Do You Feel About These Controversial "Walking Dead" Photos?

Alana Hubbard of Mother Hubbard Photography orchestrated the kid-version of everyone's favorite zombie show. And apparently, some people weren't happy about it.

It's one thing to see the Walking Dead show acted out by adults. But when kids are cast in the same roles, the results can be a little too intense for some.

Of course, Hubbard maintains that all kids and their parents' were totally on-board with the whole process and equally satisfied with the results.

“All of the parents are 100 per cent supporting me and love the pictures,” she says.

"The pictures are pretty intense, they draw emotion - that's what art does. The kids loved it themselves, pretending to be zombies. They were having a great time."

The photos are kind of terrifying. Something about seeing kids playing these utterly serious and violent roles is intense. But if nothing else, it speaks to our double standards when it comes to media. Kids are exposed to shows and movies like The Walking Dead, yet they aren't allowed to replicate what they've seen? And what about the kids that actually act in the show?

We can see both sides of the argument. And we definitely admire the detail and drama in Hubbard's work. Her shots may be scary, but they're still also cute and very well composed!

Via Daily Mail

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