She Travels The World To Discover Europe's Abandoned Mansions

She Travels The World To Discover Europe's Abandoned Mansions image

She Travels The World To Discover Europe's Abandoned Mansions

These old, crumbling mansions speak of long lost parties and a forgotten way of life. Once a symbol of opulence and extreme wealth, these mansions remain as crumbling grave markers of long ago wars.

Shot by Croatian photographer Mirna Pavlovic, this series documents various villas, palaces, and castles across Europe.

After Pavlovic first discovered their existence, her curiosity grew. She began searching out more and more of these overgrown gems.

But what happened to these beautiful homes? Why are they empty now? According to Mirna, these villas were abandoned during the World Wars.

"The World Wars left many scars, and in terms of abandoned villas of wealthy families, most of them are concentrated in countries which held a precarious political position in the wars," Mirna explains.

"Most of these homes were abandoned, appropriated by the regime and then reappropriated by the surviving members of the families after the conflict ended, only to once again be abandoned when the world entered post-war economic fluctuations. The crumbling economies and high emigration rates sealed their fate."

Find more of Pavlovic's work her.

Via Creative Boom

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