Who Knew Vampire Kitties Could Be So Cute?

Who Knew Vampire Kitties Could Be So Cute? image

Who Knew Vampire Kitties Could Be So Cute?

This adorable kitty has some of the oddest teeth we've ever seen! He looks just like a vampire.

This little guy goes by the name Monkey or Monk for short. He earned the nickname due to his playful nature. Monk is always getting into "monkey business"!

Monk was a rescue cat. Ever since his human Nicole Rienzie found him on the street, he's been living a happy life with good healthcare and a supportive mom human. A good home was just what he needed to thrive!

Nicole tells the story of when she first met Monk. He was just a sad little street cat with infected eyes.

"He darted in front of my mom's car. We stopped and got out," Nicole told Love Meow. "He was covered in filth, bugs and very malnourished. His eyes were infected shut."

But she brought him into her home and cleaned him up. Before long, he was back to his normal, silly self! That's when she decided to call him Monkey. "He quickly earned his nickname because of his silly, hyper antics," Nicole says.

You can follow Monk's adventures and see more of his vampire smile here on Instagram.

Via Love Meow

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