A Fascinating Peek Behind-The-Scenes At Ms. Senior America

A Fascinating Peek Behind-The-Scenes At Ms. Senior America image

A Fascinating Peek Behind-The-Scenes At Ms. Senior America

Welcome to the glamorous world of Ms. Senior America. This is a beauty pageant for those 60 to 90 years old who are still young at heart. Like a fine wine or cheese, these types of events only get better with age.

This unique pageant is no exception!

Captured by photographer Brian Finke, these photos provide an intimate peek into pageant dynamics.

“I’ve photographed a lot of competitions over the years such as cheerleading competitions and bodybuilding," says Brian.

“I’ve alway been interested in the subtle moments backstage where the anticipation and vulnerability comes out in the contestants, they’re very telling of the personalities of the people.”

“[The contestants] loved the attention, they are there to be seen and perform; being there shooting was just adding to the scene,” he says.

“I always like showing up without preconceived ideas and photographing what I’m drawn to. I was very impressed watching the ladies own it on stage – I wanted them to look amazing.”

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