Discover The Illegal And Dangerous World Of India's Teenage Train Surfers

Discover The Illegal And Dangerous World Of India's Teenage Train Surfers

"Life is short. So enjoy it." This is the mantra of Mumbia's teenage train surfers.

This group of boys ride high-speed trains and attempt various stunts on them. They've been told by their families to avoid such dangerous behavior. But boys will be boys.

These young men live for the moment. They push themselves to the very edge of their abilities and beyond. Life is simply one adrenaline rush after another.

If they're not train surfing, they're out all night starting fights, joking around, and generally causing trouble. This is their escape from the slums.

“Train surfing is definitely an outlet to feel something stronger than their daily routines,” says Cothier, director of the short film.

“But even if they have to share a room every day with their entire family, they find excitement and joy everywhere. The most important thing I've learned making this film was that boys will be boys no matter their situation.”

Find of Cothier's short films here.

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