Eggs And Flour Fly At This Annual Fake Battle In Spain

Eggs And Flour Fly At This Annual Fake Battle In Spain image

Eggs And Flour Fly At This Annual Fake Battle In Spain

Eggs, flour, and firecrackers– oh my! Each year, this incredible street festival marks The Day of the Innocents in the Valencia region of Spain. Eggs fly and the local government is overthrown for one day during the event. It's quite an exciting tradition!

In the town of Ibi, Spain, this yearly event has been repeating for nearly 200 now. The celebration is extremely unusual. But the coup begins in the morning when a group of men declare themselves "Els Enfarinats" (meaning "the floured guys"). They then stage a revolution against the local government in their village.

In response to their revolt, another group joins together to fight them. This group is simply called "La Oposicio" ("the opposition"). These two groups fight each other with flour and eggs.

The mock battle happens each year on December 28 and is used to raise money for local charities. During the single day "coup", special laws are established with fines for those who break the law. All "fines" are then donated to charity. We think this style of fundraiser is way more fun than a gala or dinner!

We would love to see this fake coup in person someday! Until then, these messy photos will have to do. Would you consider participating in the "battle"?

Photos via Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images

Via IBI Times

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