2016 In Review: The Most Popular Stories Of The Year On So Bad So Good

2016 In Review: The Most Popular Stories Of The Year On So Bad So Good image

2016 In Review: The Most Popular Stories Of The Year On So Bad So Good

2016 Will surely go down as one of the most dramatic and turbulent years in recent history.

Whether it's been the surprisingly Presidential win of billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump, the incomprehensible horror of Aleppo in Syria 2016 or the UK giving the two fingered salute to Europe with Brexit it's been a year of shock, surprise and upheaval.

We said goodbye to the likes of Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Prince, Carrie Fisher, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fidel Castro, Gene Wilder, Mohamed Ali, Lemmy, Alan Rickman and of course everyones beloved Harambe.

We welcomed Chewbacca Mom into our lives, ran around the place with Pokémon Go before all stopping to catch our breath for the Mannequin Challenge.

Here deep in the SBSG HQ bunker, 2016 was just a chaotic as the world was outside. Although we still found time to throw a brand new iPhone 7 into the ocean at Sydney's Bondi Beach (just to see if it really was water-resistant) before sitting back in awe as you shared your darkest secrets and confessions with us....

But more than that, we wanted to take the time out to say a very special thank you to YOU, yes YOU personally. There's literally hundreds of blogs out there all vying for your attention, but the fact you're here right now reading this means the world to us.

It might surprise you to know we're a very very small team, we don't have hundreds of writers churning out meaningless stories or trying to entice you with clickbait and spammy articles.

Everything you see and read here on SBSG has been painstakingly poured over and carefully selected by just a few individuals working from the laptops in Australia and New York.

By sharing our stories, downloading our app or subscribing to our newsletter - you're helping us keep the lights on, those laptops powered and the stories flowing. Without you visiting the site, discovering our stories and sharing something cool - SBSG simply wouldn't exist.

To over 1,000,000 people that follow us across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat if we had the time and funds, we'd be shouting you each a drink at the local bar - because awesome people deserve to be celebrated. Thank you!

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Finally to all the incredible artists, designers, photographers, directors, models, illustrators, sculptors and gifted individuals we feature on the site each week - thank you for inspiring the world with your art and having the confidence and belief to share it with us. Now more than ever, the world needs your unique talents, your wild imagination and fierce creativity.

In an age of social networks, live video and constant curation we're reminded of a famous quote by Albert Einstein that sums up what SBSG has always stood and always will stand for "Creativity is contagious, pass it on.".

Until then, thank you for all your amazing support in 2016. Enjoy this list featuring our 10 Biggest Stories Of The Year all made possible by you guys.

1. Striking Photos Of WWII Refugees Escaping to Safety In Syria

171,185 Readers

It's amazing how quickly we forget history. The current war refugee situation in Europe is not the first of its kind and will probably not be the last.

70 years ago, during the height of WWII conflict, tens of thousands of refugees walked the exact same path that those escaping the Syrian conflict walk today. But instead of traveling towards Europe with Germany in mind, they were actually evacuating that part of the world.

2. This Creepy Fallout Shelter Is A Suburban Dream From The 1970s

128,816 Readers

For those of you who are sure we'll experience a zombie apocalypse any day now, this bizarre, underground family home from the 1970s is just what you need.

This fallout shelter is equipped with everything you would need to continue living a boring, suburban lifestyle while the world destroys itself above your head.

3. Extraordinarily Odd Photographs From A Rothschild Party In 1972

120,695 Readers

It's December 12 1972, the night at which Marie-Hélène de Rothschild held her famous Surrealist Ball at Ferrières. As you can probably guess by her surname, she was a member of the ultra-wealthy Rothschild banking family.

Few made the guest-list but if you did, it was the ultimate seal of approval from Parisian high-society.

4. Extremely Rare And Fascinating Photos Of The Last Samurai From 1800s

119,839 Readers

You're about to see some extremely rare portraits of the very last samurai dating back to the 1800s. The samurai had ruled feudal Japan for around 700 years at the time.

So who exactly where they? Essentially they were the military arm of the nobility of the day. They were all trained in military tactics and grand strategy, each following a stringent set of rules and a strict moral code that would later be called 'bushidō.'

5. 25 Rarely Seen Artworks Painted By Adolf Hitler

118,421 Readers

Before putting his hand to the executive order that lead to millions of innocent individuals being killed, nearly destroying the Western world as we know it, Adolf Hitler was an upcoming (re: unsuccessful) artist.

He actually applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, only to be turned down not once but twice due to his "unfitness for painting". It's not hard to see why.

6. Former Playboy Models Photographed 60 Years Later

115,718 Readers

Even the most lust-worthy and desirable individuals in the world cannot escape the passage of time. As the years tick by, looks slowly fade, what was once toned and firm becomes soft and loose. It happens to us all, but for those in spot of fashion and modeling, the decline is often more pronounced.

7. You Need This Storm Trooper Whiskey Decanter In Your Life

114,422 Readers

No man-cave is complete without a a Storm Trooper whiskey decanter. Every dedicated Star Wars fan knows this. Rest assured that this decanter is the finishing touch you've been waiting for.

Based on original helmet molds created in 1976 by industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth, this decanter and matching glass are about as authentic as you can get.

8. This Guy Runs The Most Controversial Instagram Account

107,707 Readers

Clancy is a self taught make up artist who uses his gift to make grotesque and equally awesome optical illusions. The Melbourne artist uses everyday materials, such as wool and latex, to create his eerily realistic effects.

9. 20 Photos To Remind You That Photoshop Is One Big Lie

98,396 Readers

Walk past any news-stand or look up to any modern day billboard and you'll be greet with countless unrealistic images and Photoshopped individuals.

They're specifically edited to make you feel inadequate and generate desire to fix that inadequacy. Their sole aim is to convince and co hearse you into buying their latest product.

10. Magic Mushrooms That Turn Your Room Into A Glowing Forest

97,568 Readers

These whimsical fairy lamps can turn an ordinary room into an enchanted forest. Designed by Yukio Takano, these glowing fungi are made up of tiny LED lights embedded in delicate glass mushrooms.

They are then "planted" on rough pieces of wood and wired to be turned on with vintage electric switches.

Do let us know which of our stories you've enjoyed the most (or want to see more of) in the comments below!

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