5 Quick Tips That Will Improve Your Photography Dramatically

5 Quick Tips That Will Improve Your Photography Dramatically

Toronto-based photographer Peter McKinnon is about to sit down and school you in the art of better photography. Stop taking bad or boring photos. With these quick 5 tips, you'll be ready to improve your photo game in no time.

According to McKinnon, the key to better photography is simply putting a little thought into the shot. Everyone usually takes the exact same photo, no matter where the location.

But you can take better shots if you only take a minute to consider the angles, framing style, perspective, and lighting options.

These tips are ultra practical and easy to use.

Here' a quick overview:

  • #1. Angles: Take an extra few seconds to carefully consider the angle you’re shooting from.
  • #2. Shoot Through: Shoot your subject through other things to add and interesting composition.
  • #3. Think Opposite: Approach a subject from a way that other people aren’t.
  • #4. Lighting: Lighting is one of the most important parts of a photo, so give it priority.
  • #5. Framing: Place objects into the frame that help you tell your story.

Follow is Instagram account here and see his other work here.

Via Peter McKinnon

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