Epic Adventures Like These Are Always The Most Memorable

Epic Adventures Like These Are Always The Most Memorable

Meet Isaac Carew, not only is he highly regarded as a brilliant chef in his hometown of London, whose personal motto is 'Always Hungry'.

It's a statement that ties into not only his profession but his unique outlook on life too "I love challenges, fighting fate and living life on the edge." he admits.

In this interview with luxury men's fragrance Azzaro Wanted, Isaac amusingly recounts the time he ran into a girl in the south-west of France for a night neither of them will forget.

Their chance meeting set the wheels in motion for an adventure that took the duo from the cobbled streets of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, deep into the Spanish desert at Las Bardenas located several kilometers away.

"I saw this girl out of nowhere. She was convinced that I wasn’t a chef. So I gave her the chef's chat and told her I could cook her the best white fish she'd ever eaten." he explains.

With the challenge thrown down and gratefully accepted, they ventured into the fishing docks in the middle of the night in search of the perfect slice of fish. With the key ingredient in hand, the duo drove along the highway into the small hours with only each other for company. A spontaneous and heady journey deep into the unknown.

As a new day began, they found themselves in the middle of the desert with only the blazing sun for company.

All this with a girl he'd known for a mere 8 hours.

"It was just one big whirlwind of a night. We ended up in the desert the next day and I made her my signature dish. Always hungry, that's me." he confesses.

But it's not just Isaac who believes in genuinely living in the moment. There's also free-spirited biker Thomas who throws caution to the wind and unleashes the raw power of his vintage motorcycles across unforgiving terrains.

Whilst daredevil surfer Pedro Scooby (known for riding 23ft waves in Nazaré) believes that "when you are close to death and facing your greatest fear, is when you are most alive.".

Not only are their stories a reminder that the best days are often the most spontaneous ones, but that we all have the ability to create our own exciting and memorable experiences.

All you have to do, to follow in their footsteps is remember one thing.

Dare to dream big.

Via Azzaro Wanted

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