You'll Laugh Out Loud At The Secret Lives Of Star Wars Villains

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You'll Laugh Out Loud At The Secret Lives Of Star Wars Villains

What do Star Wars villains get up to in their free time when we aren't watching? Apparently, they have a wide range of interests. And these guys appear to be quite active.

"A long time ago in an Art School far, far away…" begins artist David Gilliver. "I got told off by my tutors for taking photographs of Star Wars toys whilst working my way through my Fine Art Photography degree." Since that first time, it was love at first sight. Gilliver couldn't stop.

Staging funny scenes with miniature Star Wars characters was Gilliver's first love. And now, as various spin-off Star Wars films are hitting theaters, Gilliver is at it again. And this round of miniature dramas are way too funny. Who knew that Storm Troopers loved taking long bubble baths? Or that Lord Vader appreciates botany?

Find more of Gilliver's hilarious mini-dramas here.

Via Neatorama

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