Spellbinding Photos That Harness The Beauty Of Childhood & Nature

Spellbinding Photos That Harness The Beauty Of Childhood & Nature image

Spellbinding Photos That Harness The Beauty Of Childhood & Nature

These quietly stunning portraits feature young girls paired with animals for a naturally magical effect. Dreamed up by Florida-based photographer Erika Masterson, Parts of the Earth is a celebration of natural beauty, innocents, and childhood.

Masterson began this series when she first photographed her young niece with a pheasant named Refuge. She loved the results and began looking for other ways to photograph her niece with animals.

After the pheasant shoot, she orchestrated a portrait with a coyote named Keeper and the results were just as magical.

Masterson began entering Parts of the Earth in various competitions where it was extremely well received. This only encouraged her to delve more deeply into the theme.

Everything from the actual shoot to the post production is carefully calculated to produce Masterson's dream-like aesthetic that makes her work stand out.

“I love film and the luminous quality it has, and I wanted to show all the beautiful details of the animals and the eyes of the girls,” she explains of her style.

"In the work I revisit our relationship with nature and the vulnerability of the human spirit,” she says. “In the images the animals are wild, yet the girls are in total submission without fear of harm. This is the type of trust that enables us to let go of our burdens and find forgiveness. The animals, which are beautifully preserved, represent the legacy that we as humans leave behind.”

Enjoy more of Masterson's portraits here.

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