It's True, Sushi Nail Art is The Weirdest Trend Of The Year

It's True, Sushi Nail Art is The Weirdest Trend Of The Year

Sushi is not only ridiculously healthy for you (plus it tastes delicious) it can even be adapted into becoming a pretty unique part of your look.

Now whilst that might sound weird, we're not suggesting you dress up as giant piece of nigiri for your next night out but you could always rock this sushi backpack if you wanted.

But to really show off your love for Japan's national dish, why not decorate your nails using a little inspiration from your favourite bento box? It's a ridiculous fun and offbeat way to bring a whole new twist to your nails.

After all its not everyday you get a sashimi manicure done is it?

As for the trend itself, it's been bubbling around the world for a while now - you can thank Katy Perry for taking the whole sushi nails movement mainstream with her playful tribute to the dish a few years ago.

We've also included a quick tutorial video which will show you how to master the look quickly and easily. Below is a few designs and patterns to help inspire you.

Best of luck and remember to get creative!

Oh and whilst we're on the subject of sushi, where you're done here make sure you check out these sushi socks - yep they really do exist!


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