These Eco Urinals Let You Take A Leak In A Flower Bed

These Eco Urinals Let You Take A Leak In A Flower Bed

Can't find a public bathroom? Just water the flowers. You'll feel more connected to nature, water some public flowers, and, of course, feel much relieved.

This ecological urinal concept from France promises to make public urination easier and much more sustainable. Forget those smelly public toilettes that need to be cleaned every hour.

Now you can take a leak while keeping your city beautiful.

The concept, known as Uritrottoir, was created by French creative agency Faltazi. If all goes well, the concept will go into production sometime in 2017. The first Uritrottoirs will show up in Paris and Nantes.

If the concept works well and the government can raise enough money for the urinals, they'll spread to the rest of France and possibly other countries, too. Unfortunately, these eco urinals are fairly expensive. At 3,000 Euro per piece, raising funds for this project will be a difficult challenge.

Via Kobini

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