Fear Not Holograms Are Here To Help Save Your Lazy Ass

Fear Not Holograms Are Here To Help Save Your Lazy Ass

Leave it to the tech-savy Japanese to take those helpful virtual assistants to a whole new level.

Forget Siri or Google, Japan is experimenting with a new device that acts as a holographic virtual assistant. It's called Gatebox and rather ingeniously it plugs and connects to various objects in your home.

So you can ask it to turn on the TV, dim the lights, turn up the volume on the stereo or switch the air conditioning off. Naturally the hologram takes the form of a Manga-inspired character named Azuma Hikari - although apparently there are other characters in the pipeline. The 3D girl happily chats, dances and encourages you within the confines of the Gatebox itself.

It's an unusual hybrid between talking into your smartphone or having a clunky robot follow you around the house. The question is, will the Gatebox take off? A lot depends on how deeply you can integrate Hikari into your home and daily life, but the potentially is certainly there.

The technology doesn't come cheap though, expect to pay upwards of $2,500 to get one of your home.

Via Gatebox

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