Photos Of Strangers Paired With Their Social Media Pics

Photos Of Strangers Paired With Their Social Media Pics image

Photos Of Strangers Paired With Their Social Media Pics

Soon after the ability to tag friends in photos, social networks around the world started to use facial recognition to suggest friends and make recommendations for future tagging.

Every time you accept or alter the 'suggest tag' setting, the facial recognition technology becomes more effective and deciphering who your friends are and what they look like.

Facial recognition software has been used at airports to allow governments keep track of the movement of individuals (especially criminals) across boarders for several years now. But with the arrival of Facebook the technology has now become mainstream.

It's not just Facebook that uses the software to identify users and draw connections between friends - Russian social network Vkontakte forces it upon its 55M users daily. To illustrate the rapid decline of our anonymity online, Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov has created a chilling series titled 'Your Face Is Big Data'.

Over the course of several months he photographed total strangers on the subway, before uploading their photo into Vkontakte and utilising its facial recognition software to find their personal account.

Alarmingly he estimates that he was able to locate and match around 70% of the people he photographed on the subway with their online profiles.

"On a social network, people tend to present themselves as they would like to appear in other people’s eyes, which is often at variance with the way they look in everyday life, say on the metro on their way to work. From a psychological the point of view it's totally understandable." he explains

"My project is a clear illustration of the future that awaits us if we continue to disclose as much about ourselves on the internet as we do now." he warns.

You can see all the individuals alongside their "online personas" via his official site right here

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Via Egor Tsvetkov

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