This Magical Story Will Inspire You To See More Of The World

This Magical Story Will Inspire You To See More Of The World

There are few things more valuable in life than family and travel. Sharing new experiences and creating lifelong memories is something worth getting excited about and celebrating.

That's why we all love going on holiday and exploring new parts of the world.

One individual who spends more time than most traversing the globe is Frode - one of the world’s best action sports photographers.

He’s been traveling across all four corners of the planet taking stunning pictures for more than 10 years winning accolades, plaudits and awards from all over.

His passion has always been photography, but this year Frode and his wife Mari became parents for the first time, welcoming to the world their new baby girl, Mille.

For this trip Frode is combining both his passions: his photography and his family in their first ever family holiday. Absolutely in love with winter and its charms, Frode decides to take his family to Kakslauttanen in Lapland, Finland.

Not only is it the alleged home of Father Christmas, it's pure paradise for winter lovers.

After using to research the stunning resort, Frode discovered a once in a lifetime experience (sleeping in a glass igloo) as well as a myriad of activities including dog sled rides, walks through the snowy wilderness and endless opportunities for snowball fights.

To enjoy some quality time together (i.e. snowboarding together for the first time), Frode and Mari are bringing Mari’s mother to look after Mille.

After all, family is always about supporting, caring for and helping one another.

With a little bit of luck, Frode is hoping the northern lights will come out so Mari and Mille can see it for the first time. If everything falls into place, it will be a magical vacation for the entire family.

After all, its not every day you can ride on a dog sled or whizz down the side of a mountain covered in crisp powered snow!

"As first family holidays go, this one is pretty special, Mille won’t remember it, but we won’t forget it."

Frode's adventure is a reminder that the best adventures in life as those that are shared. What better people to share them with, than your loving family?


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