This Is What Would Happen If Brands "Lost Weight"

This Is What Would Happen If Brands "Lost Weight"

In this clever series, designer Tolga Gündoğdu helps us imagine how three brands would look if they "lost weight".

What does that mean exactly?

In Gündoğdu's opinion, losing weight means reducing each logo's line weight to make them appear sleeker and modern.

In this experiment, Gündoğdu chose to upgrade VW, Wilson, and McDonald's. We are especially interested in that last choice.

The idea of making the McDonald's brand look sleek and minimalist has always fascinated us.

In these cases, the basic principle behind making brands "lose weight" is to reduce the font weight. Though we enjoy the visual refresh, we're not so sure these thinner logos would hold up long term. The line weight will quickly disappear after the viewer moves more than 3 feet away.

Interesting thoughts, but we don't expect VW, Wilson, and McDonald's to refresh their brand in this exact style anytime soon. The concept still needs to be hashed out. But Gündoğdu seems to be aware of this because the project is in progress. We can't wait to see how Gündoğdu will continue this process of weight loss.

Via Nestelend

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