Quick Test Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your True Character

Quick Test Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your True Character image

Quick Test Will Reveal Hidden Secrets About Your True Character

Here's a quick and interesting test that might reveal more about your true self that you'd imagine. It's loosely based on the Rorschach test (created by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach) whereby your perceptions of inkblots are analyzed using various psychological methods and algorithms.

Based on your interpretation of the image, psychologists are then able to define specific personality characteristics and emotional functioning.

This test isn't quite as complex or throughout but it's certainly interesting and best of all it only requires you to answer one simple question.

Look at the image below for a few seconds.

What did you see first?

Remember, don't dwell on the photo for too long. Focus on the first image that instantly came into your mind.

1. If you saw an explosion...

This is evidence that you have a well-developed imagination and that this has helped you in numerous situations. The chances are that you’re a very creative individual and work in an artistic sphere of activity. If you don’t, then you’ve probably got hidden talents within you that are worth trying to give expression to.

Think about what you enjoyed doing when you were a child: did you like drawing or singing? At the very least, a new hobby won’t do you any harm. You need to use your creative energy in order to live a full life.

2. If you saw two hands...

You have a well-developed imagination, but at the same time you rely on logic as the basis for most of your actions. You see what is really in front of your eyes first and foremost.

You’re a clear-headed individual and people can always turn to you for sound advice. Cold rationality and a sharp mind allow you to extricate yourself from even the most complex and difficult situations.

You never give in to panic, always keep calm, and are astute enough to know how to calm down others as well. People see a strong person in you that they are instinctively drawn toward.

3. If you saw a tree...

You’re a very observant person who notices all the little details in things. No information can be hidden from you. At the same time, you’re highly sensitive to the moods of those around you.

You know how to extract information from people and understand when it’s the right moment to pose this or that question to an individual.

Your calling lies somewhere in the professional business world. You’re guaranteed to be successful in those spheres of activity that require conscientiousness and precision.

4. If you saw nothing...

If you didn’t see anything when you first looked at the image above, then you need to take a rest. You’re clearly tired and you’re finding it difficult to resolve complex tasks.

You find it hard to make sense of things from a different perspective and take many things far too literally. Take a break. A few days spent in solitude and calm will give you strength for new activities.

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