Get Excited The Legend Of Zelda Coat Has Arrived

Get Excited The Legend Of Zelda Coat Has Arrived image

Get Excited The Legend Of Zelda Coat Has Arrived

Legend Of Zelda is certainly one of the greatest video game franchise of all time, both in terms of just how good the series is and also via the number of copies its sold.

Originally created by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto (and then developed by Nintendo) its estimated to have sold around 75,000,000 copies worldwide since making its debut on the NES on February 21, 1986 in Japan.

It was one of the few games to find the perfect mix of action, adventure, battles, puzzles, exploration and quests. But perhaps most appealing of all was the central character and rescuer in chief Link, a hero we all enjoyed being and saving the day with.

So why all the nostalgia?

Well, just a brand new Legend Of Zelda Link Hooded Coat has just surfaced online and it's safe to say more than a few people are excited about it. It's actually an officially-licensed piece of merchandise (which might explain the steep $160 USD price tag).

But because of that, it's a faithful and accurate replica of the clothing worn by Link himself - complete with all the trademark and unique details you've come to know and love.

Here's what you get:

  • Green parka jacket modelled after Link's classic tunic
  • Pointed hood
  • Full-zip jacket also features buttons on the storm flap
  • Embroidery on left sleeve depicting Link's hand-guard
  • Faux leather cross details
  • Two large open pockets on outside
  • Zip-up pocket on inside
  • Brown lining with gold Hylian crest

Numbers are limited, so you're tempted to grab one up you'd better act fast. Aside from being a cool jacket to wear at the next Cosplay event there's a good chance that in a few years time it could become somewhat of a collectors item too.

Better jump to it then. You can pick one up here.

Via Amazon

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