What The Hell 'Elf Earphones' Are A Thing Now?

What The Hell 'Elf Earphones' Are A Thing Now? image

What The Hell 'Elf Earphones' Are A Thing Now?

Calling all Cosplay and Lord Of The Ring fans, brace yourselves because what you're about to see is probably going to make you scream with glee.

Somebody, somewhere has thought it would be an excellent idea to design and produce a pair of elf earphones! Now you don't need to spend ages in the mirror getting your prosthetic ears looking like Legolas.

Just pick your favourite album, crank up the volume, plug in the 3.5mm jack and place cushioned earbuds on your head and your magical elf look is complete.

Perhaps best of all, they won't break the bank either. They'll set you back a mere $14 and although they won't give you any magical powers, they'll cause you to turn a few heads.

You can pick them up right here.

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