China Just Made A "Mad Max" Knock-Off And It's Way Too Funny

China Just Made A "Mad Max" Knock-Off And It's Way Too Funny

Love Mad Max: Fury Road? This Chinese knock-off is about to blow your mind.

Mad Shelia is the lower budget version of everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic, sci-fi thriller. Yes, the original Mad Max may have taken home six Oscars, but aren't you way more interested in seeing this campy spin-off?

Like the original Mad Max, Mad Shelia features plenty of action battle scenes, souped up desert vehicles, and a female protagonist. But unlike the original, Mad Shelia comes packed with a whole lot of weird parody moments that you just can't get otherwise.

Curious about the full-length feature? You can stream Mad Shelia online here.

If you love this film, get ready for the two sequels that are already planned to come out next. Prepare yourself for all the rip-off glory of Mad Sheila: Virgin Road and Mad Shelia: Vengeance Road rumored to be released next.

Via China Film Insider

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