You'll Laugh When You See This Hipster Christmas Nativity Set

You'll Laugh When You See This Hipster Christmas Nativity Set image

You'll Laugh When You See This Hipster Christmas Nativity Set

With the world currently obsessed with remakes, reboots and tributes to bygone eras - isn't it about time the famous nativity scene was given a brand new makeover too?

That's exactly what's happened with this brand new hipster-inspired modern nativity set. The same characters we've seen acted out in school plays and adoring countless Christmas paintings and calendars - just with a whole new twist.

This time around the three wise men have ditched the camels, choosing to visit baby Jesus on their super fast Segways. As for the usual gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, each has been appropriately replaced by items from Amazon's best-seller list. Meanwhile, Joseph is in the process of taking one of the most famous selfies in the world as Mary strikes up her best duck face pose.

Oh and if you look closely you'll notice all other kinds of hilarious modern day influences. There's the gluten free cow feed, the solar powered roof, the knitted sweater worn by the sheep, the finely waxed mustaches and the obligatory Apple device to help round out the scene.

Come to think of it, there's little more the creators could do to make it any more hipster-inspired. All that's missing is a humble pennyfarthing and perhaps antique pocket watch. You can get the entire set (characters included) right here for $129 USD.

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Via Modern Nativity

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