Love Thanksgiving? The Feast Never Ends Inside This Theme Park

Love Thanksgiving? The Feast Never Ends Inside This Theme Park image

Love Thanksgiving? The Feast Never Ends Inside This Theme Park

Wish the yearly Thanksgiving feast would never end? You're in luck! It looks like the folks at Holiday World built a park section just for you.

This Thanksgiving themed area features everything you need to celebrate your favorite turkey moments all year long! Located in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana (yes, there really is a town by that name), the Holiday World theme park features various areas dedicated to favorite holidays.

So if you're craving Christmas cheer, you can saunter over to the Christmas area. But if Thanksgiving is your thing, you're in luck. The park added a full section dedicated to Turkey Day!

At Thanksgiving Land, you'll find everything from a pilgrim-themed rollercoaster to a tilt-a-whirl with turkey shaped cars! And after all that fun, you're bound to start craving traditional holiday food. For a taste of grandma's Turkey Day favorites, you can head over to the Plymouth Rock Cafe which serves classics like turkey and cranberry sauce or pumpkin pie.

So far, park-goers seem to love the Thanksgiving land area. “People really enjoy that they can eat Thanksgiving dinner in July,” says Paula Werne, Director of Communications for Holiday World. Just don't eat too much! We're not so sure a heavy turkey dinner is the best thing to eat right before riding those roller coasters.

Go on, share some of that Thanksgiving cheer. Send a link to your most turkey-obsessed friends! They'll be so thankful you did.

Via Atlas Obscura

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