Salvador Dali's Magnificent Journey Into Alice In Wonderland

Salvador Dali's Magnificent Journey Into Alice In Wonderland

He was and for many, still is one of the greatest artists in the world. An unquestionably eccentric, humorous and visionary human being, his immense talent, imagination and creativity continue to influence pop culture years after his death.

Now who would we possibly be talking about?

The one and only Salvador Dali

Now here's interesting piece of Dali trivia that you may or may not know, he was commissioned to create the iconic Chupa Chups logo - which remains largely unchanged to the present day. You know those candy balls on a stick with the red wrapping and yellow logo? Yep that was Dali, another titbit from the mind of a genius.

He's considered by many to be the world's greatest painter (certainly in the 20th century) but what gives him the edge over his contemporaries was his unique ability to effortlessly master other mediums as well, such as lithography & etching.

Now most people are familiar with his major works, The Crucifixion, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee & The Persistence of Memory to name but a few but by being as prolific as he was, you might have missed hearing about one of his lesser known 13-piece lithographic suite dedicated to his dreamlike  interpretation of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll's world was re-imagined by Dali and twisted into these gloriously hallucinogenic images of colour, haze and distortion. Like most of his work, they are flawless in their execution - proof that no matter what the medium, Dali could still continue to aspire and astound us all.

1. The Lobster’s Quadrille

2. The Queen’s Croquet Ground

3. A Mad Tea Party

4. Pig and Pepper

5. Advice from a Caterpillar

6. The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill

7. A Caucus Race and a Long Tale

8. The Pool Of Tears

9. Who Stole The Tarts?

10. Down the Rabbit Hole

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