Welcome To The Strange And Mystical Monsters Of Japan

Welcome To The Strange And Mystical Monsters Of Japan image

Welcome To The Strange And Mystical Monsters Of Japan

French photographer Charles Fréger (whom we've previously featured here) is back with a brand new eye-opening series titled 'Yokainoshima'.

His portraits are the result of hours spent researching the mythical and often bizarre creatures that inhabit Japanese folklore and ancient traditions.

Over the course of five trips, Fréger travelled through many of Japan's isolated inland areas and islands. His extensive exploration of the archipelago has allowed him to sensitively grasp the reasons why the Japanese have an empathic relationship with their environment and their extreme awareness of nature’s vitality.

During his investigation he discovered all manners of supernatural goblins, demons and monsters that are woven into the stories, ceremonies and traditional festivals right across the Land of the Rising Sun.

In Japan, the passing of the year is marked by festivals and rituals that have gone largely unchanged for centuries.

Elaborate outfits, made from textiles as well as branches and other materials plucked from the natural environment, are donned in rural, agricultural, and fishing communities throughout the country to celebrate seasonal rites of fertility and abundance.

'Yokainoshima' is available as a beautiful coffee table book, whilst you can find out more about the series through Fréger's official site right here.

Via Charles Fréger

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