Phenomenal Glitch Sculptures That Will Screw With Your Mind

Phenomenal Glitch Sculptures That Will Screw With Your Mind image

Phenomenal Glitch Sculptures That Will Screw With Your Mind

Over the past few years digital artists have continued to experiment and redefine boundaries of the genre known as 'glitch art'. It's a format that involves purposely creating digital or analog errors purely for aesthetic purposes.

For the viewer, the final result is an image that looks corrupted, error strewn and digitally broken. Imagine opening all the programs you have on your computer , then watching them crashing all at once. That's what glitch art often looks like. A complete cluster fuck of pixels, broken images and lose code bleeding out everywhere.

Inspired by the random nature of glitch art, Japanese sculptor Yoshitoshi Kanemaki is recreating the digital art form in the physical world. His mind-bending creations mimic those same stuttering errors and staggered imagery.

They vary in size too, his work alternates between miniature sculptures and life-size mannequins.

Each pieces initially starts out a simple sketch drawn directly onto camphor wood - from there Kanemaki painstakingly chisels and chips away to create the final glitch effect.

You can see more of his unique sculptural work through his official site right here

Via Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

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