'You Don't Know Jack' A Behind The Scenes Look At The Famous Whiskey

'You Don't Know Jack' A Behind The Scenes Look At The Famous Whiskey

We all know that Jack Daniel’s is a drink universally enjoyed around the world, from cocktail bars to dive bars to music venues and everywhere in-between.

But the question is, how did it become so iconic? Why is it that so many musicians throughout the years continue to name check and reference this copper coloured Tennessee Whisky?

And perhaps the biggest question of all, was Jack Daniel's a real person or is he merely a myth created to help make money?

British bartender Nathan Shearer set out to visit the small sleepy town of Lynchburg in south-central Tennessee (the birthplace of the Jack Daniel's distillery) to find out the answers.

Lynchburg itself is home to around 500 to 600 locals, many of whom have played a significant role in the continuing success of Jack Daniel’s and have done so for generations.

We're not underselling the idea of a "small town" either, along with its small population it's also home to just a single set of traffic lights. It's a place where everyone knows everyone and you'll know at least two or three people connected to the distillery in some way.

So how does such a tight knit community create one of the most famous whiskeys in the world?

At its core, Jack Daniel's still adheres to the tried and tested traditions of yesteryear. They use the same techniques that Jack Daniel originally created some 150 years ago, although today it’s simply done on a slightly bigger scale.

During this insightful documentary, Shearer meets the living relatives of Jack Daniel (he was a real person) and even visits final resting place for the founder himself.

It turns out that so many of Jack Daniel's lady friends came to his grave to weep, they had to put two wrought iron chairs so they'd have a place to sit.

Along the way he discovers the fascinating process that sees the whisky filtered through ten feet of sugar maple charcoal to help mellow its flavour.

Whilst master distiller Jeff Arnett reveals the art of 'toasting' - a process whereby they ‘toast’ their barrels to caramelise the sugars to bring out those instantly recognisable vanilla and butterscotch flavours.

All in all, it's a fascinating and genuinely intriguing look at the processes, traditions and history of the brand itself. As Mr Jack himself once famously said "Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can."

It might be 105 years since his death, but his motto and legacy is unquestionably alive and well in present day Lynchburg.

Via Jack Daniel’s

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