5 Fantastic Sites That Will Save You Time & Make the Internet Better

5 Fantastic Sites That Will Save You Time & Make the Internet Better image

5 Fantastic Sites That Will Save You Time & Make the Internet Better

We all know how easy it is to waste time on the internet - hello Facebook, Snapchat...and of course right here on SBSG!

And whilst wasting time is why the internet was invented, it can also be used to make your life a hell of a lot easier. Plus if a site saves us time, well that's more time to spend browsing memes, so we’re all for it.


What is it: MuzeRoom is simple  -  a site that pulls together music news, new releases, and new music videos - but only for the artists you truly love. It’s basically a Flipboard for music.

How it Works: Remember when you used to get loads of updates from bands you ‘like’ on Facebook? Neither do we. MuzeRoom imports any artists you have ‘liked’ from Facebook, listened to on Spotify, or ‘scrobbled’ on

It then creates your own personalized newsfeed pulling content from the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, MTV, iTunes, and YouTube. MuzeRoom is ‘the home of what’s happening in music’ across the hundreds of artists you listen to.


What is it: What better way to save time than to track exactly what you are doing with it. SaveMyTime gives you insights around how you are spending (or wasting!) your time.

How it Works: On average people look at their smartphones every 8 minutes - that equates to roughly 120 times a day. SaveMyTime is taking advantage of this habit, getting you to track what you have done via your phone throughout the day. It then analyses your time, and provides you with detailed information on your productivity levels.


What is it: Spritz is amazing. It’s essentially a new way of reading that enables you to improve focus, completion, and fluency. As a result you can enjoy a faster, effortless, and more pleasurable reading experience.

How it Works: Words flash in front of your eyes one at a time, while you focus on the same spot on the screen. By not moving your eyes across a page you are able to take a lot of information in quickly. You really need to experience it to believe it - so check out the site!


What is it: Invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio.

How it Works: Saving is hard, and investing can be confusing, and Acorns makes both a LOT easier. Firstly you connect the Acorns app with your bank account. Then every time you make a purchase, you have the option of ‘rounding it up’, with the extra money then invested into portfolios on your behalf.

It’s a painless and quick way to save and grow your money - and who is really going to miss another 20 cents on top of every coffee they buy?


What is it: IFTTT stands for ‘If This, Then That’ and it’s a site that helps you get the most out of the services you love on the web.

How it Works: The site lets you create "recipes", which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. For example you could create a recipe to save photos you're tagged in on Facebook to a Dropbox folder.

If you don’t want to create your own recipes don’t worry - there are literally thousands to browse, so check out the site and get stuck in.

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