Breathtaking Photos Of Circus Performers On The Street

Breathtaking Photos Of Circus Performers On The Street image

Breathtaking Photos Of Circus Performers On The Street

These circus artists are strutting their stuff outside the big top tent and we couldn't be happier to see it. Watching them perform in average, urban settings is a great reminder to make the most of each moment. Forget who might be looking! Who cares if they think you're strange, just go for it!

"I have been a professional circus artist for the best part of the last decade," explains photographer Norbi Whitney.

So why photograph circus performers on the street? Whitney feels it tells a crucial part of their story.

"The artists are often known for their “sequins and smiles” but we all started out on the street, and that’s what I wanted to bring back, the human side," he says.

"I’ve been traveling the world and meeting some of the most amazing people from every country. Here is a small selection of what they do, and how I like to capture it."

You can find more of his incredible portraits here.

Olivier – German Wheel – Canada

Amie – Handstands – Australia

Clemence – Acrobatic Bicycle – Canada

Zach – Aerial Straps – Australia

Florian – Cyr Wheel – Switzerland

Arisa – Contortion – Japan

T-Roc – Acrobatics – USA

Sevane – Unicycle – Switzerland

Vladimir – Juggling – Chile

Pranay – Diabolo – Germany

Amanda – Handstands – Australia

Koke – Juggling – Chile

Melissa – Aerial Straps – Mexico

Ela – Contortion – Australia

Liam – Diabolo – USA

Dominique – Juggling – Canada

Coralie – Contortion – Canada

David & Ashleigh – Adagio – Australia

Via Bored Panda

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