Fascinating Aerial Photos Of Millennials' Bedrooms Around The Globe

Fascinating Aerial Photos Of Millennials' Bedrooms Around The Globe image

Fascinating Aerial Photos Of Millennials' Bedrooms Around The Globe

"My Room" is a project by French photographer John Thackway. The project documents millennials around the world and the space they live in. This fascinating series gives viewers a look at the subject's daily life and provides a peek into on of their most intimate spaces.

The project began in 2010 and has expanded since then to include over 1200 photos taken around the world.

"The concept is simple: photographing young men and women who were born in the 80’s and 90’s, in the places they sleep, all around the world, and interviewing them about lifestyle, local issues, education, religion, or love," explains Thackwray on the projects website.

"More than a thousand candidates from 55 countries have already participated," he continues. 

"Some are rich, some are poor, some live in a traditional way, while some choose the modern lifestyle From a Buddhist temple of Nepal to a Native American  reservation, from a jail in Mexico to Palestinian refugee camps, John is documenting different lifestyle everywhere."

"All these photographs are a testimony to the world that surrounds us. Combining visual anthropology and social photography, this conscious project make us aware of the diversity of lifestyles, destruction of our traditions and the rise of inequalities."

"My Room" is currently being made into a book. You can find more information on that here.

Claudio, 24, Rio, Brazil

Marixa, 21, a teacher in Sibundoy, Colombia

Joseph, 30, an artist in Paris, France

Fha, 20, a farmer in Ban Saingam, Thailand

Ezekiel, 22, a warrior in Echo Manyata, Kenya

Ben, 22, a film student in Dallas, Texas

Maja, 22, an architecture student in Berlin, Germany

Ryoko, Tokyo, Japan

Saleh, Riyad, Saudi Arabia

Razieh, Teheran, Iran

Maleeq, New York, United States

Via Insider

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