Have No Fear You'll Be Safe Sitting In The Mouth Of These Animals

Have No Fear You'll Be Safe Sitting In The Mouth Of These Animals image

Have No Fear You'll Be Safe Sitting In The Mouth Of These Animals

You have to admire South African designer Porky Hefer. He spent over 16 years in the cut-throat and ever-changing world of advertising to become one of South Africa's most awarded creatives, including stints in New York.

But he came to the conclusion that the higher he climbed, the less he personally created. He spent more time in meetings and dealing with egos, rather than tapping into his imagination and producing inspiring work.

That's why 9 years ago he quit the industry to form his own company Porky Hefer Design which focuses on conceptual precepts, which manifest in three dimensional forms in various executions, from public sculpture to product and furniture design.

Constantly intrigued by the reactions and energy his work can generate, he embraces Africa and the skills that are readily available indigenously, rather than trying to emulate foreign processes.

The genius in his work, is that Hefer sees beauty in the functional, the ordinary and discarded. He hopes to constantly challenge our relationships with everyday objects, inspiring us to look again.

There's few better examples than his series of hanging chairs that resembled a whole of different species from the animal kingdom. Titled 'Monstera Deliciosa' you'll find hanging chairs resembling anglerfish, orca's, pufferfish and even an alligator. Each was spliced and stitched together using traditional South African craft and weaving techniques.

You can see more of Hefer's imaginative and interesting work through his official site right here

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Via Porky Hefer

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