Pee In Amazing Locations With This Virtual Reality App

Pee In Amazing Locations With This Virtual Reality App

Pee World VR is about to take your bathroom visits to a whole new level! Why pee facing a boring wall? Now you pee off the Grand Canyon, a paradise beach, or even a Trump convention!

Pee World VR is a virtual reality application compatible with the Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset. This gadget will transport you to your optimal pee location. A trip to the urinal will never be boring again!

Urinate into amazing places while staying in the safety of your own bathroom.

This software was created by programmers Grant Thomas and Pablo Rochat, two of the masterminds behind creative concepts for brands like Old Spice, Nike, and Tinder. This was their side project and we think it's one of the more interesting pee related projects floating around on the internet currently.

You can check out Pee World VR on the Google Play store. Just grab a Google Cardboard or Gear VR headset and start peeing!

Via Gizmodo

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