Demonic Soaps That Will Keep You Feeling Fresh & Frightened

Demonic Soaps That Will Keep You Feeling Fresh & Frightened image

Demonic Soaps That Will Keep You Feeling Fresh & Frightened

Your bathroom is about to get a whole lot more interesting thanks to the work of Canadian artist Eden Gorgós. Next time you run a hot bath or fire up a refreshing shower, instead of reach for some generic soap, why not reach for one of Gorgós supernatural creations?

His unique 'Art of Dying' soap range features all manner of macabre and ghostly characters. Human skulls, Baphomet himself and even the rarely seen Christmas demon Krampus all make an appearance in the range.

His Memento Mori range also contains lotions and candles as well as vintage Vanitas bar soaps. Each item has been painstaking handcrafted in small batches by the man himself.

"My soaps are made with coconut oil, colored with natural clay/herb/flower, and formulated to moisturize without sacrificing lather. All but the white soaps are scented with a combination of essential oils. Solid lotions and unisex cologne are made with shea butter, beeswax, and calendula, arnica flower, and chamomile infused almond oil and scented with a blend of essential oils."

Stock is extremely limited so be quick. Head over to his official store and grab a ghoulish bar or two!

Via Eden Gorgós

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