Powerful Depictions Of Mental Illness That Will Hurt Your Heart

Powerful Depictions Of Mental Illness That Will Hurt Your Heart image

Powerful Depictions Of Mental Illness That Will Hurt Your Heart

Shawn Coss is a professional artist who currently produces art for the web comic and animated shorts of Cyanide and Happiness. He has been working professionally as an artist for around 7 years however with all careers born of passion, he has been creating at all stages of life.

As a blanket statement his art style is quite dark and free, not limited by the medium of creation, some works painted on canvas, some inked on paper, some black and white pencil works and some digital renditions.

In each instance, regardless of the medium the overall style and quality of technique displayed remain constant. The majority of the depicted content is skeletal or demonic of nature, complimented and brought to life with impressive command over form and tone.

His latest series of illustrations focus on the different types of mental illnesses and disorders that negatively impact the lives of millions of individuals around the world.

Every year thousands of artists get involved with Inktober, where for 31 days of October, you ink a drawing for each day. I decided to go off the usual prompt and focus on mental illnesses and disorders.

His chilling depictions serve as a visual reminder of the emotions many of these disorders and illnesses can cause you to feel. From anxiety and fear, to deep depression and manic paranoia, his work in a strange way offers some hope to those who suffer from these conditions.

A reminder that you are not alone, that there are others who feel the same and more importantly that there are options for treatment, help and support. Mental health is an issue which is gaining far more awareness and support day by day.

Part of that is due to people being brave and willing enough to share their problems with the others.

Whilst Coss's images might be disturbing to many, for others they are merely an accurate reflection of the testing battles they face daily.

1. Schizophrenia Disorder

2. Insomnia

3. Paranoid Schizophrenia

4. Dependent Personality Disorder

5. Bipolar Disorder

6. Agoraphobia

7. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

8. Anorexia Nervosa

9. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

10. Major Depressive Disorder

11. Autism Spectrum Disorder

12. Social Anxiety Disorder

Via Shawn Coss

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