Thrilling Animations That Will Transport You To Another World

Thrilling Animations That Will Transport You To Another World image

Thrilling Animations That Will Transport You To Another World

These hypnotising and surreal animations are the work of a unique collaboration between two very different artists. The original artworks were created by Los Angeles-based illustrator James R. Eads - whose work certainly echoes the delicate strokes and graceful forms of Vincent Van Gogh.

But it wasn't long after posting his creations online that animator and GIF creator Chris McDaniel (known online as The Glitch) stumbled upon them. McDaniel was instantly drawn to Eads intricate and flowing work, realizing that he could animate and bring them to life if given permission.

Eads willingly accepted, handing over the original compositions for McDaniel to transform and sequence in the most unexpected of ways.

"I think what made this collaboration so powerful is at the core of why we both create—we use the process of creation as a form of meditation. It's a place of refuge where we can breathe and take in the world and in return give back some peace."

"And I think other people can feel that, and when they come across one of these illusions they pause and allow them selves to get lost in it. There's something extremely calming and mesmerizing about the illusions, there is magic is in the subtlety." explains Eads.

The end result is a collection of spellbinding animations, swirling GIFs and mesmerizing artworks that will hypnotize you the longer you stare at them.

Here's hoping they collaborate on a brand new series soon.

Fowl Forty Fives

Goodbye Helios

Wherever You Go There Your Are

Hello Helios

Old Friends

Via Creators Project

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