Colorful Norwegian Graffiti To Inspire Your Week

Colorful Norwegian Graffiti To Inspire Your Week image

Colorful Norwegian Graffiti To Inspire Your Week

Norwegian artist Martin Whatson has a passion for finding beauty in forgotten places. He searches out areas considered to be ugly and brings out the best in them.

Whatson first became interested in graffiti while studying Art and Graphic Design at Westerdals School of Communication, in Oslo. He would find forgotten landscapes destined to be demolished and test out his skills with a spray can. He enjoyed the process of making street art and began making it his main creative focus.

These days, his creative hobby has grown to be much than just a side project. It even makes him enough money to support himself.

"My hobby suddenly became my job a couple years ago when I started to live from doing art," Whatson says. "So I had to get a new hobby!"

These days, he works covers a variety of mediums. You'll find small pieces on canvas as well as massive murals covering a three story building.

Want to try creating a little graffiti yourself? Whatson has some helpful of advice:

"Just do what you want and don’t care too much about what everyone else says, there will always be haters out there," he says. "Do it for the fun and pleasure. Your creativity shouldn't have any boundaries."

Via Street Art United States

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