Vibrant Ukrainian Flower Crowns That Will Inspire Your Week

Vibrant Ukrainian Flower Crowns That Will Inspire Your Week image

Vibrant Ukrainian Flower Crowns That Will Inspire Your Week

These vibrant flower crowns capture the magic and beauty of Ukrainian culture. Though traditionally only worn by young, unmarried women as a symbol of "purity" and eligibility, flower crowns are now being used as a symbol of cultural pride and beauty.

This series of flower crown portraits were created by an art collective called Third Roosters. Through the combination their skills as photographers, makeup artists, and stylists, the group captures the unique beauty of traditional Ukrainian flower crowns.

Their goal? The groups wishes to bring together those "who are utterly in love with Ukraine, its culture, traditions and beauty of authentic attire." And they accomplish their goal through the creation of both vibrant portraits and flower crown workshops.

The Third Roosters project began in 2014 as a way to celebrate and promote Ukrainian culture. Since it's advent, the collective has created a consistent output of stunning portraits featuring women and children wearing traditional headdresses.

According to the collective, the portraits not only share a vibrant beauty unique to their culture, but the project hopes to also spread a message of peace to the rest of the world.

The group's Facebook page summarizes their goal like this: "It was created to pay homage to their homeland while sharing a message of peace, tenderness, and knowledge of the Ukrainian culture with the world."

Find more dazzling portraits, take a look at their work here.

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