This Creepy Fallout Shelter Is A Suburban Dream From The 1970s

This Creepy Fallout Shelter Is A Suburban Dream From The 1970s image

This Creepy Fallout Shelter Is A Suburban Dream From The 1970s

For those of you who are sure we'll experience a zombie apocalypse any day now, this bizarre, underground family home from the 1970s is just what you need.

This fallout shelter is equipped with everything you would need to continue living a boring, suburban lifestyle while the world destroys itself above your head. Complete with faux landscapes painted on the walls and an artificial lawn, this creepy space was designed to help you feel like you're still living in the real world. Not 26 feet underground in a claustrophobic Disneyland.

The subterranean suburban paradise is located in Las Vegas, resting below a house on Spencer St. near Flamingo Road. The fallout shelter stretches 15,200 square feet and is almost completely unnoticeable. The only clues that might give-away its location are the extra ventilation shafts and air conditioning units scattered around the lawn of the above-ground house.

There's also an innocent pile of rocks on the on the lawn that hide the shelter's entrance, a secret elevator which ferries riders to the underground space.

This bizarre shelter is a true relic of the 1970s, complete with a pink kitchen, pink toilets, shag carpet, and a hot tub. Apparently, the original owner, a paranoid business man named Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson, was planning to survive the impending nuclear holocaust surrounded by style and luxury.

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