After You See How Candy Is Made You'll Never Want To Eat It Again

After You See How Candy Is Made You'll Never Want To Eat It Again

Fizzy cola bottles, jelly beans, strawberry shoelaces, wine gums, marshmallows, giant gobstoppers and sour snakes probably all featured in your childhood at some point. Those delicious sugar hits, injected with all kinds of colours, additives and preservatives to tantalize your taste-buds and somehow fool you into thinking they were made with real fruit.

But the truth behind your favourite sweets and candy is far darker than you'd imagine. One of the key components in the majority of gum based sweets is gelatin....which is derived from raw animal materials.

Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens has created this short film which takes you behind the scenes inside a confectionery factory. Now you can see the entire process for yourself, short in reverse it's both fascinating and disturbing.

So next time you pop a giant chewy watermelon into your mouth, know that you're eating a combination of melted down animal remains, a stack of chemicals and a ton of sugar.....

Not quite so appealing now is it?

Via Alina Kneepkens

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