Epic 'Code Black' Drone Is The Most Fun You Can Have By Yourself

Epic 'Code Black' Drone Is The Most Fun You Can Have By Yourself

The Code Black is our top-selling drone of all time and for good reason. This powerful, palm-size drone is not only insanely fun to fly, but can capture some serious video footage from up above.

With a flight time of about 10 minutes and an ultra-smooth ride, it’s a great introductory drone for anyone looking to dominate the sky. Now because we love you guys here at SBSG, we've been able to bring a you a bit of a steal.

Simply buy two of our #1 best-selling drone for the price of one! How good does that sound? Now this exclusive offer can't be found anywhere else on the web, so be sure to snag this great price before it flies away.

Here's what you get:

  • Ready-to-fly out of the box
  • 6-axis flight control system for an extremely stable flight
  • 4-way flip (left, right, forward, backward) capabilities
  • Beginner & expert flight modes
  • Built-in quality HD camera
  • Get 2 best selling drones for the price of one!

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