Discover What Off-Season Santas Do During The Rest Of The Year

Discover What Off-Season Santas Do During The Rest Of The Year image

Discover What Off-Season Santas Do During The Rest Of The Year

Toronto photographer Mary Beth Koeth was curious about what Santa got up to during the rest of the year. After Christmas is over and the jolly fat man has performed all his expected duties, the guy has a whole year to do other things!

Armed with her camera and a healthy dose of curiosity, Mary Beth set out to discover Off-Season Santas. In this series, she travels the country interviewing and photographing men who dress up as Santa come December. Most of her subjects are found in Florida and somehow that really only makes sense. There's no way Santa is going to spend his entire year freezing to death at the North Pole!

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Similar to the "Humans of New York" format, her photos feature a portrait and a small interview. Take Santa Ernie Tedrow's interview for example:

Santa Ernie Tedrow is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Orlando after his mother passed away and started in the hotel business where he worked his way up to Director of Sales and Marketing. “One week a month I would travel. I’d fly to Chicago in the morning, pick up the client in a limousine, take them to Oprah’s restaurant for lunch, sign a half million dollar contract, take them back to the office, fly back and be home for dinner. I absolutely loved it.”

Ernie now lives in Tamarac, Florida with Everett, his partner of twenty-three years. He is a community association manager for condos and HOAs in South Florida.“I figured, I’m fat, old, and bald...and I have a career!”

Find more "Off-Season Santas" on Mary Beth's Behance page.

Off-Season Santas, Santa Gregg 🎅 is a carpenter at Michael Rybovich & Sons Boat Works in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. "I make big, expensive toys for very wealthy boys and girls." His career in woodworking started with a love for building things and is now 40+ years in the making. "The only thing I haven't done is coffin making. I don't really have much interest in that." Many years ago, following a painful divorce, Santa Gregg spent two years being a male exotic dancer. "My stage name was Grizzly Gregg because I had the beard and everything back then. I found that taking off your shoes is really hard to do when you're standing up." In his off time, Gregg is a club officer and rear commodore with the Gulfstream Sailing Club in Fort Lauderdale. ©Mary Beth Koeth #Canon5MarkIII #offseasonsantas #photographyseries #santas #societyofrealbeardedsantas #menwithbeards #florida #bigandbeautiful #portraits #canon #photography

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