These Are The Most Gruesome Phone Cases Ever

These Are The Most Gruesome Phone Cases Ever image

These Are The Most Gruesome Phone Cases Ever

Tired of nosy buggers playing with your phone as soon as you set it down unattended? These gruesome cases might just do the trick.

Created by artist Morgan Loebel, these cases are perfectly horrifying. Pulling one of these bad boys out of your pocket is a sure way to scare the sh*t out of anyone in their right mind.

I love creating beings that have realistic features, from the eyes, teeth and the wrinkles in its flesh.

Not only is this case a phone thief deterrent, it's also a nice solution for keeping creepy strangers away. For example, if you're commuting on a train or bus and would like to avoid annoying interactions with flirty strangers, just pull out your phone and text. Holding this scary phone case high is a creative way to scare off unwanted attention.

Of course, this strategy could backfire. You might just end up attracting really, really weird people... Either way, you'll be sure to get an interesting reaction from anyone who happens to see it.

Pick up one of these horrifying cases on Etsy.

Via Movie Pilot

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