You Can Place Your Kitty In The Pouch Of This Cat-Inspired Hoody

You Can Place Your Kitty In The Pouch Of This Cat-Inspired Hoody

This hoody promises to bring cats and humans just a little closer. Specifically designed to allow your to better snuggle and play with your cat, this hoody let's the world know that you and your kitty will not be parted!

Designed by the Japanese supply company Unihabitat, this is the summer version of their favorite cat hoody. It features a big pouch to hold your cat, pompoms to play games with, and a light, breathable material that will keep you and your pet happy in summer.

"It’s sleeveless and the fabric for hoodie is more smooth for avoiding cat’s scratch," the Unihabitat team writes. "Also pocket inside for cat is cotton 100%, and you can put some ice pad between pocket walls."

And the cutest part of this hoody? It features a set of point ears on the hood so you can feel just a little bit more like a momma cat.

Via Laughing Squid

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