10 Of The Weirdest Houses In All Of Europe

10 Of The Weirdest Houses In All Of Europe image

10 Of The Weirdest Houses In All Of Europe

These quirky houses scattered across Europe stand as tiny monuments to the individuality of their owner's personality. Standing alone and glaringly different from the rest, these rebellious creations serve as a reminder to never back down.

Sure, you're dream house may look a little odd. But who cares what everyone else thinks? As the great poet Taylor Swift once said, "Haters gonna hate".

If you want a bubble house, build it! If you dream of a traditional row house with a giant shark falling through the roof, go for it! Variety is the spice of life and these houses are oh-so-spicy.

Which is your favorite?

1. The Bubble House – Tourrettes Sur Loup, France

2. The Wooden ‘Skyscraper’ – Arkhangelsk, Russia

3. The Upside Down House – Szymbark, Poland

4. The Crooked House – Sopot, Poland

5. The Hundertwasser Haus – Vienna, Austria

6. The Castel Meur – Brittany, France

7. The House of Glass – Paris, France

8. The Pineapple House – Airth, Scotland

9. The Headington Shark – Oxfordshire, UK

10. The Rotating House – Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic

Via Housely

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